Evelyn Klein, M.S.T., educator and independent scholar, regularly holds readings and discussions based on her education background, books and visual art.  She also presents programs on writing and related topics as well as workshops and classes at book stores, libraries, institutions of learning, writers and book clubs, church groups and other interested organizations.  Books are available at all events.

If you are interested in scheduling a reading or program or need more information, contact the author directly at or 651-739-3216.  See also

Workshops on Writing –All workshops include general handouts and writing samples for study and discussion.

Poetry Portraits Creating vivid descriptions of people and characters.

Publishing Your ManuscriptHelpful suggestions for preparing a manuscript for publication and finding a publisher.

The Art of Critiquing – Analyzing writing for constructive suggestions for improvements.

Breaking Writer’s Block – Looking at causes and influences that prevent writers or prospective writers from writing.

What Is Poetry?  Taking a journey over centuries of poetry to establish what and how it communicates.

Spirit of the Muses – What are ways we can find inspiration for our writing.                                          

Writing Short Shorts – A fun way for experienced and beginning writers to explore how we can be meaningful in-brief.                                          

Picture Your Writing – Examining different options for illustrations in whatever writing we do.  

Poetry as Memoir – How poetry can give powerful expression to our memories in creating a book.                                                  


Women in Current of Progress (Seasons of Desire) – An examination of basic elements of how girls and women can prepare for their chosen careers.

Finding Neighborhood and Community (Once upon a Neighborhood) – What is the modern approach to community.

Valentine’s Day Stories (selected readings from all books) – The story of Valentine’s Day with selected readings.

Life’s Journey and Seasons of DesireWhat are ways we can find fulfillment and success in our greatest experiment.

Earth Day (Selected poems) – Enjoying and protecting the environment in every-day life.

Grieving and the Arts (selected readings) – How the arts can help us cope and heal.

Loss and the Spirit of Healing (Seasons of Desire) – Finding our way through the holidays.

Education by Democracy – Look at the strengths, pitfalls, and needs of education in our democratic approach.

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