Seasons of Desire  In the book, the author demonstrates that in this time of rapid change, we can keep growing throughout life, developing talents from youthful beginnings to middle age and on.  At a time when life expectancy is expanding, it is never too late to follow a dream, perhaps even one abandoned earlier in life in the realization of new goals in a new season of need and opportunity.  At the same time, the book’s poetry and prose reflect on and celebrate the stages of life as well as seasons of the year and their events and holidays.  The author’s drawings introducing each section of the book add another perspective to the theme because words are not always enough.  The book is now in the Minnesota Historical Society’s permanent library collection.

“This unique compilation of poetry, prose, and artwork is the result of the author’s pursuit of both the outer and inner meanings of life.”
– Tricia Ells, President, Minnesota Jung Association 

Seasons of Desire “shows the poet’s love of life’s most simple but greatest pleasures.”
– Sharon Chmielarz, Author of Calling and The Sky Is Great the Sky Is Blue

Once upon a Neighborhood, Evelyn Klein’s poetry and prose combine observation and memoir in the portrayal of human nature in the changing quest for establishing neighborhood.  She begins her exposé in the intimate and supportive setting found in a neighborhood on the East side of St. Paul.  She points out how the east side of the Twin Cities has changed, just as our notion and range of community have changed over the years.  Set in a frame of the author’s scenic drawings, the book takes readers on a tour of the Twin Cities area, people, places, and nature.  This book found its place at the Minnesota Historical Society’s permanent library collection.

“Readers who wander  into Evelyn Klein’s neighborhood will find a warm welcome.” 
– Linda Back McKay, Author of Shadow Mothers: Stories of Adoption And Reunion

“An exquisite chronicle of life.”
– Kimberly Nightingale, Publisher/Editor, Saint Paul Almanac

From Here Across the BridgeThese poems, set against a backdrop of Wisconsin and Minnesota, offer a look at the lengthy process of reflection, that has succeeded in illuminating the subtle interplay of professional, spiritual, and personal life, fearlessly exploring its dark corners while also celebrating moments of discovery and communion.  Klein introduces us to early love, joys, and tasks of motherhood, and unexpected change.  With even-handed grace, she explores doubts that accompany an important relationship and in the process rediscovers her own identity in the allure of new prospects and opportunities. The books, illustrated with woodcuts by Wolfgang Klein, the author’s father, won a cover award with the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.

“Punctuated by stunning woodcuts by Wolfgang Klein, From Here Across the Bridge constitutes a memoir in verse through which the poet steps up and into a chosen life.”
 Morgan Grace Willow, Loft Teaching Fellow, Author of Arpeggio of Appetite

I have thoroughly enjoyed every poem in Evelyn Klein’s FromHere Across the Bridge.”
 – Maxine A. Larson, Regent Midwest Chaparral Poets, Editor and Poetry Judge